Hip Pain

How low should I go with my squatting?

The age-old question in health and fitness is “how low should I go when I squat?” To answer this question, we must abide by “specificity of training”, which is just a fancy way of saying it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish from utilizing the squat in your training.

What is Hip Bursitis?

In this blog you will learn about hip bursitis. Hip pain can be brought about in many ways, and hip bursitis is one of the diagnoses that leads to hip pain. As Doctor’s of Physical Therapy we want to diagnosis why you have your hip pain and develop a specific plan of action to reduce your pain and improve your function.

Hip Replacement 101

This blog will highlight precautions following hip replacement surgery. This is a very intense surgical procedure and requires months of physical therapy following the surgery. Our job as physical therapists is to help get you back to a functional and independent level as soon as we can!

The Hips Don’t Lie

Learn the importance of your hip muscles and how they play a role in basically all your daily movement. Read about the gluteus medius and it’s role in reducing your risk for pain. Hip pain is no fun. Read more about how we can help.