Knee Exercises

How low should my squat be?

The age-old question of how low you should go when you squat can only be answered with a disappointing “it depends”! If you are a basketball player, going “ass to grass” or squatting well below parallel might not be necessary since most of your game takes place with your hips above your knees. However, if you are an Olympic weightlifter and you need to snatch as much weight as possible, you must drop into a deep overhead squat.

Jumpers Knee – – Patella Tendinopathy Rehab!

Now that spring is here we hope that you are gearing up for outdoor workouts in a safe manner. We want all of you to protect yourselves against a growing problem: orthopedic injuries from doing too much too soon! Today, we are talking about patellar tendinopathy, commonly known as Jumper’s Knee. This often affects active individuals, especially those who perform explosive movements like jumping or running or activities involving repetitive bending of the knee.

The Quadricep Tendon and the NBA.

With Tony Parker leaving the NBA Spurs to head to the Charlotte Hornets, we figured we would dive into his injury history. If you haven’t heard, Parker recently compared his quadricep tendon rupture to Kawhi’s quadricep tendinopathy, and how Parker’s injury was significantly worse. Our specialists in Brooklyn and NYC jumped in with quadricep tendon and knee injury facts for you.