Knee Pain

RDL vs Deadlift: Which One Is Right For You?

With the various deadlifting techniques present in weightlifting, it’s important to know the similarities and differences between the techniques in order to determine which is most effective for your desired outcomes. The two most common techniques are the conventional deadlift and the stiff-legged, or “Romanian”, deadlift (RDL). Although there are many parallels between the two lifts, there are important differences in muscle activation as well. If your desired outcome is increased strength, which of the two is considered to be the best to incorporate into your workout? The answer depends on the intent of the individual performing the exercise.

How low should my squat be?

The age-old question of how low you should go when you squat can only be answered with a disappointing “it depends”! If you are a basketball player, going “ass to grass” or squatting well below parallel might not be necessary since most of your game takes place with your hips above your knees. However, if you are an Olympic weightlifter and you need to snatch as much weight as possible, you must drop into a deep overhead squat.

What is a Meniscectomy?

A meniscectomy is a common ambulatory surgery performed to remove part of, or the whole meniscus. It is most commonly performed arthroscopically, meaning that it is minimally invasive and a person can usually get the surgery and leave the same day. The reason why people get meniscectomies is due to pain associated with a torn meniscus that is limiting their day-to-day and/or recreational activities. Typically there is clicking, buckling, and swelling associated with a meniscus tear. Age, extent of injury, and activity level are all factors that a surgeon uses to determine what type of meniscus surgery is appropriate. A meniscectomy is usually performed when there is poor blood flow to the area of injury, since it is less conducive to healing.

ACL Reconstruction and The Unicorn!

Kristaps Porzingis, the former Knicks 7 foot 3 inch Unicorn was injured on February 6th of last year. Kristaps made an amazing play, dunking on his appointment Giannis Antetokounmpo also known as the Greek Freak! When he landed from this incredible play, Giannis’s body fell into Kristaps and caused a him to hyperextended his knee.

The Quadricep Tendon and the NBA.

With Tony Parker leaving the NBA Spurs to head to the Charlotte Hornets, we figured we would dive into his injury history. If you haven’t heard, Parker recently compared his quadricep tendon rupture to Kawhi’s quadricep tendinopathy, and how Parker’s injury was significantly worse. Our specialists in Brooklyn and NYC jumped in with quadricep tendon and knee injury facts for you.