Physical Therapy

How low should my squat be?

The age-old question of how low you should go when you squat can only be answered with a disappointing “it depends”! If you are a basketball player, going “ass to grass” or squatting well below parallel might not be necessary since most of your game takes place with your hips above your knees. However, if you are an Olympic weightlifter and you need to snatch as much weight as possible, you must drop into a deep overhead squat.

Reach Optimal Performance With Physical Therapy for Athletes

One thing that all athletes can agree on no matter what sports you play is, being hurt stinks! An injury prevents you from participating in the sport or activity you love and that’s no fun. Many athletes try to play through pain and that can sometimes make things worse. Physical therapy as part of a recovery plan can help athletes get back in the game with decreased pain and improved strength and function.

Rehab for the Crossfit Athlete

When seeking out physical therapy in relation to a CrossFit injury, it is important to find a provider who understands the sport and is willing to work with you to meet your goals. A lot of times, CrossFit athletes are nervous to seek aid when injured out of fear that they will be told to stop participating in their sport. This does not need to be the case!

The Patient Journey To Better Health!

This is a very important aspect of what we do as a physical therapists…I ask my clients to tell me their story and what brought them in to see me. When they don’t remember falling or injuring themselves, they are left wondering how they got into this situation. Especially when it’s impacting the things they want to do; running for stress relief, hiking to get out of the noisy city or playing a game of basketball at the local park.

Is your body ready for the Capacity of Exercise this Spring?

The weather is getting warm, and we’re not sure about you, but we’re all dreaming of the beach here at Fit Club! The dark, cold winter can really throw someone off of their fitness resolutions. With the weather warming up, people tend to get back on track and work on their beach bodies and overall fitness levels. Similar to those New Year resolutions, we often get clients who come in with complaints of pain around this time. Keep reading to find out why!

Proper Posture During Quarantine

If you are like most of use, stuck at home, you may benefit from some information on posture. We often overlook posture but it plays a big role in our body mechanics and can lead to tissue breakdown and pain. IN this blog we go over some easy tips to improve your posture an reduce your risk for pain. Check it out!