The Crossfit Open is Back!


Crossfit Open 20.1

It’s that time of year again, the Crossfit Open has returned! 20.1 was announced Thursday night and it is one heck of a workout. Are you open ready?

What is the Crossfit Open?

For those of you who don’t know the Crossfit Open is an open competition between all the Crossfit boxes across the world. Hundreds of thousands of athletes will all be competing, performing the same workouts for a score. The highest scoring athletes at the end of the open season (5 weeks) will be selected to take part in regional competitions across the globe. Workouts are released Thursday night and the athlete has until 5 pm Monday night to submit their scores online. 

A very small number of athletes are selected for regionals, and an even smaller percentage of athletes are invited to the Crossfit Games. Don’t let your chances of being selected hinder you from registering for the Open. It’s a fun way to challenge your fitness levels, and you can use the data collected from the workouts to track your progress year over year. Anyone taking their goals serious knows,

“If you aren't tracking your fitness it’s difficult to know if you are truly improving and making the gains you are looking for!”

The 20.1 Workout

Open Workout 20.1 was just released and this is what it looks like:

  • 10 Rounds for time (complete 10 rounds as fast as possible)

  • 8 ground to overhead at 95 lbs

  • 10 bar facing burpees

  • There is a time limit of 15 minutes for this workout. If you’re not finished with the 10 rounds by 15 minutes, whatever round you are in at the time cap is your score.

    Check out the video below for the exercises!  

Crossfit Warmup Tips

This workout will surely have you gassed! At Fit Club, we help Crossfit athletes prepare for the Crossfit Open and any workout of the day with proper warmup and with some post-workout recovery.

For this workout in particular we suggest:

  • really warming up your wrist, forearms, and your low back, 10 rounds of 8 ground to overhead lifts is a lot of gripping! That over time will really get your forearms fired up!

  • Make sure to work on that wrist extension. Loaded wrist stretches on all fours are a great way to warm up the wrist and forearms for this workout.

  • With the burpees you want to really make sure you have your back warmed up as well. The combo of these two movements will have your back feeling tight/sore if not properly warmed up.

  • Try performing scorpion stretches and some easy cat/camels prior to the workout to get the spine ready for 20.1. (see how to do them below)

Wrist Extension Warm up


Scorpion Stretch

If you are looking for a box to get your open workouts in, definitely check out Willy B Crossfit Boxes in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Fit Club partners with this amazing community to provide elite fitness and sports rehab in one facility. We would love for you to join us!

If you are dealing with some pain headed into the Crossfit Open and you’ are local to NYC or Brooklyn, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your issues with our team of doctors. We will assess your injury and provide you with a specific treatment plan to make sure you are ready to compete!  Enjoy 20.1 and let’s get this open season started!

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