What is Hip Bursitis?


Have you ever felt a burning or aching pain on the outside of your hip? Does it feel tender close to the bony structure when you press on it? There is a chance that you might have Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome—a fancy way of saying pain on the outside of your hip close to the bone.

There are a number of reasons that this could be happening, but one of the main reasons is compression of the bursa—a fluid filled sack—underneath the tissues. When we assess people who come in with this complaint one of the main things we look at are the position of the hip in movements such as walking, squatting, running, and even standing on a single leg. What we often find is there is no stability and the body goes into a medially collapsed position as shown below.

When that occurs, it increases the amount of compression on the tissue and repeatedly aggravates the bursa leading to pain…quite the vicious cycle. To remedy this, a treatment plan will include strengthening the structures around the hip, increasing range of motion and working on motor control so the body can build strength and learn how to load forces without increasing pain.

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