Inflammation: The Silent Culprit of Pain


Inflammation appears to be a buzzword in today’s health and wellness industry. It’s all over social media and your favorite fitness blogs. Is inflammation causing my low back pain, chronic shoulder pain, headaches, diabetes, liver disease, and my gastrointestinal issues? What exactly is inflammation? Let’s talk about it.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation in the body is complex. There are two major types of inflammation that people speak of in reference to their body: 1. acute inflammation and 2. chronic low grade inflammation.

Acute Inflammation

Acute inflammation is the immediate response to trauma. Following an injury to tissue, the cellular and plasma components of blood and lymph enter the injured area. This is the formation of a clot that stops bleeding. This is normal, and should happen when injured.

Chronic Low Grade Inflammation (CLGI)

Chronic low grade inflammation (CLGI) is the excessive production of sub-clinical inflammatory markers. CLGI has been shown to be involved in obesity, depression, chronic pain, metabolic syndrome, and many other diseases. CLGI could be a part of your chronic pain, and making the right lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep) could possibly decrease CLGI.

Getting To The Bottom Of It

Want to get to the bottom of your chronic pain and get back to living your best life? Talk to one of the Doctors of Physical Therapy at Fit Club.

Until then, check out this infographic from Harvard University on inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods.

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