Knee replacement surgery – The in’s and out’s!


Today’s bog will discuss total knee replacement surgery. It is one of the more common joint replacement surgeries and is usually elective. The most likely reason why someone would get a total knee replacement is either from microtrauma associated with long term wear and tear such as arthritis, or macrotrauma such as in a motor vehicle accident. 

The total knee replacement procedure as the name implies involves complete replacement of the whole knee joint with prosthetic surfaces. This includes the knee cap, top of the shin bone, and the bottom of the thigh bone. People opt to receive this operation usually because their knee pain has been limiting them in daily activities such as walking, running, and going up/down stairs.

After getting a total knee replacement, physical therapy is usually performed in the inpatient setting for no more than a few days, followed by outpatient physical therapy. The focus is on improving knee range of motion, functional capabilities, and reducing the effects of immobility. The primary muscles that treatment would focus on are the quadriceps to improve knee control and stability as well as muscles in the back of the hips. The average expected timeframe to return to normal function post-total knee replacement is 4-6 months.

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