Top 5 Reasons To Seek a Physical Therapist When You are Not Injured


Seeking Physical Therapy when you are not injured?!

Many people think that you need to have surgery or need to be in a walker to need physical therapy. We want to dispel that myth!

Many people think that you need to have surgery or need to be in a walker to need physical therapy. We want to dispel that myth! Many people seek help from a physical therapist BEFORE they are in need of surgery or have debilitating back pain.  

Here are our top 5 reasons why someone may come to see us without a diagnosed injury!

1. Injury prevention.

Some refer to this as “prehab,” which is a term used to describe a physical therapy program specially designed to strengthen weaker muscles that are susceptible to injury or to strengthen specific muscle groups which reduce risk for later injury development. Prehab is always a good idea and can do wonders for preventing physical issues from developing or occurring later in life. 

2. Improve movement quality, movement efficiency, and body awareness.

Although there is no such thing as inherently “bad” movement, there are ways to improve movement quality by improving ability to recruit larger muscle groups and muscle fibers in order to make movement more energy efficient, thereby decreasing over-fatiguing of muscle groups, which in theory should decrease risk for failure/injury. Learning more about your body from a physical therapist (often considered the movement expert in the field of health and medicine) can facilitate this as well, as becoming more in tune with your body and having a better understanding of space, position and posture can effectively improve movement efficiency. 

3. Improve sports performance.

If you are looking to improve your athletic ability, whether this means running a faster marathon time or gaining a few inches on your vertical, seeing a physical therapist may be the perfect piece to the puzzle of how to get the results you are seeking. This is especially true for an individual with a history of injury or surgery that a typical performance specialist (usually a personal trainer) does not have medical knowledge of. Seeking a therapist with special credentialing, such as a CSCS certification (strength and conditioning) or a Performance specialist certification may be a good idea as well.

4. Improve health and fitness.

Staying in good shape or working to improve your fitness is always important. This is what keeps you looking good, feeling great, and giving you the perfect way to combat the natural course of age and attrition. Seeing a physical therapist for the purpose of improving your general condition or to meet specific fitness goals is not often the first thing that comes to mind when in a physical therapy office, but can be a great tool for those that are intimidated by gyms, have difficulty staying motivated independently, or are just looking to work with a coach/trainer who has a more vast knowledge base rooted in medical knowledge and human anatomy and physiology.

5. Feel good.

This may be the most important point of all. Simply stated- If you are feeling good, everything else in your life will follow accordingly. Whether this means occasionally coming in for a sports massage to reduce bodily tension and discomfort or regularly coming in for an exercise program that provides you with movement variability, improves your loading tolerance, keeps endorphin levels high and body in shape, this can be the key for keeping your mood elevated, maintaining a sense of physical elation, and keeping the ball rolling toward bigger and better things in your life.

Any of these 5 reasons resonate with you? If so, give our team a call today to find out how we can help you. Our System combines physical therapy, personal training, massage, and nutrition to provide you a 5-star health and fitness experience. #jointheclub

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