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We are here to help you live an active, healthy lifestyle free of medication and pain. Our years of experience working with all fitness levels allow us to successfully achieve weight loss, strength, and pain-free performance goals.

Physical therapy at each of our three locations focuses on bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance. With specific exercises, hands-on techniques, training, and patient education, we work with you to achieve your ideal lifestyle. Call or book an appointment today!


Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, physical therapy at Fit Club focuses on a holistic approach to injury. We treat the individual-- not just the injury.


What makes us different from other personal trainers in New York? We push you harder, make your body stronger, and help you make smarter decisions regarding fitness and training.

Padel Ball

Improve performance and decrease your risk for injury with a sports massage at Fit Club. Our licensed therapists use deep tissue massage to deliver a results-oriented recovery approach.