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Our health and wellness experts provide an array of wellness services in the workplace and via Zoom that are fun, informative, and help improve employee health and productivity.

Research shows companies that offer wellness programs see a significant increase in the productivity of their employees! Our programs here at Fit Club will provide your team with a number of health and fitness benefits and cultivate a culture of excellence and self-care!

What do our Corporate Wellness Programs Include?

What makes our wellness program different from other services is that you get to pick specific programs that work best for you and your team. Only want air-compression boots and physical therapy, no problem.

We support your company with wellness services specific to your needs and well-being, including: 

  • On-site or Zoom Rehab and Fitness Classes
  • On-site or Zoom Mobility Classes to combat the effects of sitting.
  • Kids Fitness Classes for Children of Employees
  • Virtual and On-site Wellness Fairs
  • On-site Recovery Pop-ups (Air Compression Boots, Theragun Massages, Physical Therapy on Site)

Why Do Employees Love Fit Club Corporate Programs?

Our highly skilled health professionals include Doctors of Physical Therapy, Acupuncturists, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, and Sports Rehab Specialists. Our team understands the corporate landscape, this helps us provide an immediate impact on the organizations that we partner with.

Outside of the yearly health fair when do employees get to take advantage of healthcare professionals in the workplace? We solve that problem for your company, supporting the well-being of your team and their career.

Our corporate wellness programs expose your employees to health professionals here in New York and services they can use in their daily life. Back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neck pain are some of the complaints that we help reduce in the workplace. This keeps employees healthy and happy allowing them to be at their best for their companies!

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What Happens Next?

Connect With the Decision Makers

We'll work with your Leadership Team, Human Resource Managers, and HR Representatives to set up the right event and wellness needs for your company.

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Contact us If you have any questions about growing your company culture or improving employee performance with our Fit Club Corporate Wellness Program.

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