Aquatic Therapy

Improve Your Health With Aquatic Therapy

Physical therapy treatment programs can vary depending on the condition of the patient, stress and pain level, and overall lack of function in daily living. Often, your physician or physical therapist will suggest aquatic therapy as a part of your rehabilitation program. Aquatic therapy utilizes buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure, as well as variable resistance to create a workout with exercises for those who need a non-impact, yet challenging rehabilitation program.

Aquatic Therapy Services can Help Manage Pain

Aquatic therapy can be tailored to orthopedic and neurological dysfunction and is ideal for patients in pain from injury or with the following common reasons:

  • Low back pain
  • Weight-bearing restrictions
  • Lower extremity fractures
  • Lower extremity surgeries
  • Total joint replacements and reconstruction
  • Balance disorders
  • Lower exercise tolerance

Where is Aquatic Therapy Offered

Fit Club can make all of the arrangements to provide aquatic physical therapy sessions at the Queens, New York location listed below:

21-12 30TH RD

Bring a swimsuit, and a towel, and we will take care of the rest!

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