Nick Grecco


Nicholas Grecco has developed himself as a thoughtful mover ever since his high school cross country running days in Westchester County, NY. At that time, unexplained pain in his IT band led him to research mobility solutions and efficient technique as well as nutrition and lifestyle approaches to health. This interest eventually blossomed into a biology degree at Lehman College and a passionate belief that it’s in the power of each of us to reduce pain, move well, and feel more comfortable in our bodies.

After college, Nicholas spent a successful-though-unfulfilling decade in the asset management industry, healthful movement remaining a cherished hobby in the background. Since then, Nicholas committed to a career change, becoming an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and finding Fit Club NYC as the perfect place to grow as a trainer and coach. Nick reads widely, with books on economics and philosophy occupying space on his shelf next to books on stretching and weight training. Outside the gym, you’re likely to find Nicholas playing chess with friends or taking a walk, coffee in hand, around his Astoria neighborhood.

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