Best Kept Secret to Stay Mobile and Fit Even With a Bad Back!


Secrets To Keeping Active And Mobile Even If You’re Suffering With A Bad Back

You have had low back pain for a few months now and tried all kinds of stretches twisting you in 10 different directions. Back pain eases and you feel satisfaction at the fact that you have conquered the low back pain only to realize the relief is temporary. This is a common self-treatment approach to low back pain that many patients come to us with after trying many stretches that the powerful web has to offer.

Know that your low back is not made up of single muscle or single joint. Much of low back pain stems from lack of stability in the spine. Having the ability to voluntarily maintain neutral spine throughout any given posture or activities (running, squats… etc) can help to stack the vertebrae on top of each other and protect it (aka spinal stability).

Here are some of the best exercises to fire up the key musculature that will provide stability in your spine and help to ease your low back pain.

Pelvic Tilts –

  • Squeeze your butt to tilt your pelvis backwards encouraging neutral spine
  • Tighten up your abs to draw your rib cage down and front of your pelvis up
  • Roll your shoulder back and down towards your hips
  • Maintain a flat back like the image on the left. Not rounded like on the right

As you master this exercise lying down, you should aim to recreate the neutral spine while sitting, standing, or throughout any activities you perform. Your butt, back musculature, and core protects your back. Learn to fire them up on demand to say farewell to low back pain and hello to active, mobile, and healthier you!

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