The Hips Don’t Lie


The hip has a key role in our day to day movement. It is the center point where our upper body connects to our lower body. Control and strength at the hip is pivotal to ensure that we can perform day to day activities and high level sporting activities like running, jumping and cutting.

One of the most critical muscles is the gluteus medius, which sits on the lateral (outside) of the hip. Although small, it has an important role in controlling our frontal plane stability. You might have seen someone walking or running and noticed their hip dropping side to side. When this happens—over time—a person may develop outer hip pain or even knee pain because it results in more forces loaded into the lower body.

By training the gluteus medius with exercises such as clamshells, side steps and single leg strengthening, we can help provide the stability, strength and control needed to continue running, jumping and cutting! Check out this IG post for some ideas now—or— email / call us to schedule a free 15 minute virtual consultation now!

Muscles of the hip.

Muscles of the hip.

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