Why You Need Weightlifting Physical Therapy Today!


Most people want to stay healthy but don’t know how their workout should begin. Some try free weights or an exercise program at a gym. Those who have a goal in mind, such as a focus on increasing metabolism or building muscle, might think about lifting and strength or resistance training. But why would a person who likes lifting weights, or actual weight lifters, need sports physical therapy when they might not have an injury?

Role of a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists know the body. They can determine when the body needs to rest and recover between a training session, how to perform at its peak ability, as well as how to prevent injury by modifying exercise or technique. A sports physical therapist will also help you recover from any sign of acute injuries or overuse pains that may develop while lifting weights.
One of the biggest areas where weight lifters can benefit from sport physical therapy is flexibility, stretching, and mobility. Many weight lifters will prioritize their strength training but often will neglect their form, movements, and mobility & flexibility training. These other things should be specifically addressed and consistently implemented into a resistance, stretching, and weight training routine to maintain the longevity of a training program. 

Tissue Mobility and Flexibility

When we are constantly pushing our bodies to higher and higher limits, such as in weight lifting, there will be a point where the constant pressure could go too far. This is the place where lots of injuries, dysfunctional movements, and poor habits form. Nowadays, we have access to so many different methods and exercises to improve our tissue mobility & flexibility. This is key in keeping our muscles strong and mobile but also keeps our joints healthy, thereby offsetting possible age-related effects.

Here are some ways to improve tissue flexibility & mobility:

Here at Fit Club, we offer all of these options for Physical Therapy to help anyone dealing with pain (or anyone who wants to prevent it) live a happier and healthier life. IF you are a weightlifter who feels you can benefit from any of our services, give us a call or email us today! We are happy to help!

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