Crossfit 20.3 Is Here!


Crossfit 20.3

Crossfit 20.3 just dropped and let me tell you something, this workout is going to get spicy! Deadlifts and handstand pushups are a recipe that makes even the most fit athletes tremble. Let’s go through the workout!

21-15-9 is the rep count. Scaled deadlifts for male athletes are 225 lbs, for female athletes it’s 155. This is followed by 21 handstand push-ups. Once completed, athletes then move onto 15 and 9 reps of the same exercises respectively. Following the completion, (yes there is more!) athletes move on to an even heavier deadlift (315 lbs for males, 205 lbs for females) for 21 reps. One you have completed the deadlifts, you then move on to handstand walks for 50 ft. This is again repeated for 15 and 9 reps respectively.

Oh yea–forgot to mention. There is a 9 minute time cap for the entire workout! This will move FAST! As always, the Fit Club Team is making sure you are ready for your WOD, and helping to take away the pain from your gains. With no further delay—let’s get into the warmup!

Deadlifts and more deadlifts!

This are a lot of deadlifts…90 to be exact. Make sure your posterior chain is warmed up. The posterior chain is a system of muscles that make up the back of the body. Some muscles included in this group are the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and back extensors. We suggest using light weight on the barbell and performing easy and controlled deadlifts. You can even use a band around your neck to provide resistance that gets greater as your hips start to extend.

Handstand Pushups

Handstand pushups are tough for almost every athlete. These tire out your shoulder and upper trap muscles. For the warmup, here we suggest getting the middle and lower traps to fire. Prone T’s and Y’s are a great option to start muscle activation of the middle and lower traps. We also suggest getting against that wall and performing limited repetitions of handstand pushups prior to the workout. Remember, don’t tire yourself out before that clock starts!


Last bit of advice we have for our readers is b r e a t h e. Make sure to try to breathe as normal as possible (I know, easier said than done!) If you can control your breathing, you have a shot at getting more reps in and with this workout, that’s the name of the game!

As always, hit us up if you have any questions about this workout or about any of your WODS. Our team of licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help assist you and get you back to doing what you love! Give us a call today at 646-875-8348 or shoot us an email with your questions or concerns!

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