Crossfit 20.2 and What You Need To Know


Crossfit 20.2 is here!

Hey what’s going on Fit Fam. The second workout of the Crossfit Open just dropped 20.2, and we can say hello to dumbbells! Dumbbell thrusters are introduced to the Crossfit Open here along with Toes-to-bar and Double Unders. Check out the full RX’ed workout below!

As you can see with the volume this is a Double Under workout – 20 min Amrap (as many rounds as possible) counting each and every single rep to accumulate your total score.

The biggest tip we have:

“Do not come out the gates hot! “

You do not want to burn out prior to the 20 mins. Keep a steady pace and if you have extra in the tank in the last few minutes give it everything you’ve got. Another tip we have for you is:

“Have nice smooth transitions from movement to movement, similar to workout 20.1.”

In order to do so keep your equipment close (1-2 steps away) and don’t rush!

Crossfit 20.2 Warmup

Now that you know the workout let’s talk warmup! With that said you need to make sure that your lungs, shoulders, and legs are properly warmed up for this workout. I suggest spending a minute or two jumping rope at a moderate pace to get the heart and lungs warmed up for 20.2. This will make sure blood is flowing into those calves which you will need for the Double Unders. You may also need that for your Toes-to-Bar, especially if you are performing singles (which we do suggest since there are only 6).

Thrusters can really crush the anterior shoulder, especially the biceps tendon. Since we know this we want to make sure we warm up the anterior shoulder. We suggest performing banded shoulder external rotation at multiple angles and banded shoulder flexion. Once we have the smaller rotator cuff muscles warmed up we suggest performing light overhead press with dumbbells at an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 3-4 for 15-25 reps. This will get the shoulders warmed up and you can keep the dumbbells handy for some light squats following to warm up the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

20 mins on the clock! This may be the longest 20 mins of your week or this workout may move super fast. Just know you can do this and hopefully this helps you get through it injury free!

Crossfit Doctors in NYC

As always if you have a Crossfit related injury and want to get it evaluated by doctors who understand the sport, book your appointment today at Fit Club or give our office a call at 646-875-8348. We work with Crossfit athletes in NYC & Brooklyn to take away the pain from their gains.

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