Revamp Your Marathon Recovery


How Are You Recovering? 

26.2 Miles later, the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon is finally behind us. Many of us watched from the comfort of our living rooms, lined the city streets to support our friends or family, or were even out there in the trenches of NYC giving it our all on the course (and a huge congrats to all of those who did!). We always hear so much about what to do leading up to the marathon and how to pace ourselves and finish the race. But what do we know about recovery? Whether it’s the NYC Marathon, an Iron Man, Spartan Race, or even just a regular leg day or hike through the woods, it is important that we are properly recovering from these activities to keep our body healthy and able to continue doing the things we love. Read below for some recovery options and pro-tips! 

Tools to Enhance Your Recovery  Compression Therapy 

Compression Boots are an extremely helpful adjunct to recovery following strenuous activity. When we have lactic acid built up after a long run (such as a 26.2 mile run) or even after a tough leg workout, we can end up feeling very sore in our legs. This is because the lactic acid build up in our muscle cells. Naturally our muscles, veins, and lymphatic system move blood and waste products like lactic acid out of the legs. Compression therapy such as that offered by Air-Relax Compression Boots can significantly enhance this process to get you feeling less sore much faster. – Compression Boots specifically serve the purpose of moving waste products like lactic acid out of our legs and bringing in new fresh oxygenated blood which will help to speed up the recovery process. They can also be used to control and decrease swelling specifically by moving fluid in our legs from our feet back up through our legs and towards our heart into the normal circulation. 

Percussive Massage Therapy 

Many of us may have been exposed to percussive massage therapy in the form of a Theragun or Hypervolt massage. These tools provide the same benefits of a hands-on massage, but get the same job done much faster and for many of us, even feel better than a typical massage. – Similar to compression therapy, but to a slightly lesser degree, Hypervolt/Theragun and massage in general improve blood flow to the area and are extremely relaxing overall. These tools can help us to feel significantly less sore and stiff and more flexible following activity. 

The biggest positive of all, is that these two recovery options are available here at Fit Club NY! These will be extremely beneficial for anyone thats run the marathon or that’s just looking to take their training and recovery to the next level.

Click below to get started with your Air-Relax Compression or Sports Massage Recovery. 

The Recovery Essentials: Rest

Regardless of the activity, intensity, or duration it is important that we are getting adequate rest after exercise. This is important because while it is the activity that will challenge the muscles and help increase strength and cardiovascular endurance, it is the resting process that will allow our bodies the time to rebuild and be stronger and better for future challenges. Put simply, this means when we run a marathon or do a tough workout, it is totally fine to give our bodies a break for a few days before getting back to similar activities.

For marathon runners, our Fit Club PTs recommend ~1-2 weeks of time off specifically from running although it’s perfectly fine to maintain cardiovascular endurance by doing other activities like cycling, rowing, or swimming. 


Now that the carb-loading phase is over, it can be difficult to know how to go about knowing what to eat specifically to help us recover. After a physically taxing activity, it is extremely important get the appropriate macro and micronutrients necessary to keep our bodies functioning at a high level. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Look to have well balanced meals that will incorporate all of these. To think simply – aim to eat a range of colorful veggies as well as leafy greens to get the most vitamins and minerals possible. Eggs and a variety of fatty and lean meats to achieve appropriate protein and fat intake. And healthier carbs like sweet potatoes, granola, and brown rice to replenish energy stores.

For more advice on eating a balanced diet following a marathon or strenuous workout, or to just to supplement a healthy lifestyle – look into scheduling a nutritional consult with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy here at Fit Club! 

Remain Hydrated 

We are all aware that water is the oil that keeps the machine that is our body running. We need it for our hair, eyes, skin, bones, organs, and of course muscles. What’s important to know is that while we run a marathon, we use and lose a lot of water through sweat and various metabolic processes. Remaining hydrated will help to assist in the recovery process for our entire body, and improve our circulation to get fresh nutrient rich blood to our tired muscles. 


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