What Is A Sports Therapist and Do You Need One?!


Are You in Need of a Sports Therapist?

What exactly is a Sports Therapist? A Sports Therapist is needed for an athlete who sustains an injury during competition or in preparation for a competition. Athletes are at an increased risk of injury due to the physical nature of sports. Some sports have common injuries that can occur to a vast majority of athletes who compete in that sport. Working with a Sports Therapist can help reduce your risk for injuries during a competitive season and also will help you rehabilitate following an injury!

Common Sports Injuries

They are many different types of sports, let’s use baseball for example. Baseball players are susceptible to throwing injuries. Throwing is a major part of the sport and requires a lot of force generated by the athlete. These individuals may be subject to injuries to the shoulder, and elbow due to the specific requirements of their sport. Explosive athletes such as basketball players and volleyball players are more susceptible to lower extremity injuries. Knee sprains, ankle sprains and hip injuries are more common in both basketball and volleyball. Sports therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy who specialize in helping athletes reduce their risk of injury and help them get back onto the field following injury!

Sports therapists take into account the competition as well as the physical demands of each individual sport on the body. Sports therapists break down the movements that are important in each individual sport and help athletes improve their efficiency while at the same time work on addressing certain mechanics of the sport to reduce injury.

Sports Therapists in NYC & Brooklyn

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