Garrett Spencer

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Garrett Spencer received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University. Originally from Southern California, Garrett had always enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle, believing that a healthy body is instrumental to a fulfilling life. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Sonoma State University, Garrett moved across the country to further his education at NYU and continue to apply his philosophy to the city of New York.

Like many, Garrett’s calling to become a Physical Therapist began after a number of injuries participating in sports. Playing football for just short of a decade and being involved with martial arts and various track and field events, Garrett had certainly endured his fair share of injuries and setbacks that have turned him into the empathetic clinician that he is today.

Garrett is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has experience with weightlifting, powerlifting, agility and plyometric training, and running.


While attending NYU, Garrett gained a wide range of experience at numerous orthopedic and sports medicine clinics throughout New York City, including a clinical rotation at Bellevue Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center where he played a major role in the rehabilitation following traumatic injury.

Garrett is continuously advancing his education with post-doctorate courses in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, as he believes the mastery of these techniques is paramount in the successful rehabilitation of his patients. Garrett has experience with many different musculoskeletal conditions, and offers such services as trigger point therapy, sports massage, spine and joint mobilization, postural training, and customized rehabilitative exercise suited to the goals of his patients.

Garrett enjoys treating people from all walks of life. From athletes to non-athletes and from older to younger, Garrett’s primary goal is to improve the health and physical well-being of his fellow New Yorkers.


While far from the beaches of his hometown in San Diego, Garrett can still be found exploring the outdoors in NYC, trying new restaurants, breweries, and comedy clubs. Whenever possible, Garrett enjoys taking trips upstate to get his dose of wilderness and hiking. Garrett can also be found in his free time at the gym, working on his own fitness goals with friends and colleagues.

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