Why You Need Weightlifting Physical Therapy Today!

Why would weightlifters need sports physical therapy even if they are not injured? Weightlifters can benefit from seeing a doctor of physical therapy to allow their bodies to recover between their workout sessions, as well as to prevent any future injuries. One of the biggest areas where weightlifters can benefit from regarding sports physical therapy is flexibility and mobility. Many weightlifters will prioritize their strength training, but often will neglect their mobility and flexibility training. Both should be addressed and consistently implemented into a weight training routine to ensure longevity of training.

How low should my squat be?

The age-old question of how low you should go when you squat can only be answered with a disappointing “it depends”! If you are a basketball player, going “ass to grass” or squatting well below parallel might not be necessary since most of your game takes place with your hips above your knees. However, if you are an Olympic weightlifter and you need to snatch as much weight as possible, you must drop into a deep overhead squat.

Reach Optimal Performance With Physical Therapy for Athletes

One thing that all athletes can agree on no matter what sports you play is, being hurt stinks! An injury prevents you from participating in the sport or activity you love and that’s no fun. Many athletes try to play through pain and that can sometimes make things worse. Physical therapy as part of a recovery plan can help athletes get back in the game with decreased pain and improved strength and function.